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Circulating Water Treatment

2016-01-02 03:40:13

        Due to impurities in the water more amazing scaling it up fast. There are many types of corrosion and scale inhibitors, which are designed for use in industrial circulating water systems such as power plants, steel mills, chemical plants, oil field water systems.
        Fouling of water quality special corrosion inhibitors is a versatile all-organic hybrid water treatment agent. This drug has a high temperature, difficult to hydrolysis, strong anti-oxidant properties of features, which makes it suitable for high hardness, high alkali, high temperature, high PH circulating cooling water. The agent is not higher chloride and ferric ion impact, its use concentration is generally 50-70mg / L, do not adjust PH, simple operation, easy management.
        Various characteristics of corrosion and scale inhibitors with higher adaptive capacity, making it suitable for a very wide range. These make it possible to have a good use of the market, and has a high market value.


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