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Industrial fungicide dosage must be standard

2015-12-29 20:18:45

   Number of industrial fungicide medication should be appropriate, reasonable configuration is more conducive to concentration bactericide effective. If arbitrary ratio, high concentrations will cause crop injury; concentration is too low reach prevention requirements.
    Number of fungicides including drug quality drugs, the number of drugs and spraying quality. Too much medication increase costs and cause injury, industrial water treatment agent fungicide according to sterilization mechanism can be divided into oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocide bactericide two categories.
    Too little and reach Prevention result, whether it is a liquid or wettable powder drugs are necessary dilution of the water before the spray fungicide use concentration differences have requested,
    Therefore, to be held in strict proportion with the book and listen to illustrate the need to hold increased or decreased depending on the environment, now commonly used in oxidizing biocides have chlorine, chlorine dioxide, bromine, ozone, hydrogen peroxide and the like.
    Common non-oxidizing biocides have chlorophenols, isothiazolin-ketone, quaternary ammonium salts. Visualization number of drugs and drug Vinca depending on weather conditions, such as rain after application.
    Therefore non-oxidizing biocide agents induced effects on particular parts of the essentials of microorganisms, oxidizing biocides generally strong oxidant, tension resolved with bacterial metabolic enzymes produced by oxidation of reach sterilization purposes.


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