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The role of PAC in Water Treatment

2015-12-25 20:08:03

        Industrial circulating water treatment chemicals for industrial water, wastewater treatment chemicals required in the process, through the use of these chemicals, the water can reach the necessary quality requirements. Its primary effect is to control scale and sludge composition, cut foam, reduce erosion and water contact information to remove suspended solids in water and toxic substances, soften water, deodorant decolorization. Due to a sharp increase in the current world of water, various environmental statutes (water purification method) one after another to develop and increasingly demanding, so efficient on all types of water treatment chemicals promotional quickly.

        In China, the water crisis is the contradiction of water treatment chemicals production capacity is very low, the quality is not guaranteed, so the acceleration of water treatment chemicals that carry out environmental data property is imminent. So the study type and characteristics of industrial water treatment agent is very important.

        Our water treatment chemicals is the introduction of large chemical fertilizer plant in the 1970s after the attention and gradually developed; thereafter, self-developed a series of water treatment agent. Variety of industrial circulating water treatment chemicals mainly scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, biocide agents, inorganic coagulant (PAC, polyacrylamide), organic flocculants and other categories biocide (water treatment fungicide), cleaning agents, slime stripping agent, flocculants (PAC, polyacrylamide), coagulant, dispersant water treatment chemicals, sodium hexametaphosphate is also a water treatment.

        PAC and with the use of modified cationic polyacrylamide, coagulation sedimentation Filtration by waste water, with very good treatment effect. Modified cationic polyacrylamide molecular weight is not too high, and with the PAC easily composite to achieve the desired effect.


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