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Corrosion Inhibitor efficiency factor

2015-12-21 20:03:34

       Water has been the focus of the industry. The reality is that pollution, corrosion and scale inhibitors had to use, corrosion and scale inhibitors as a new water treatment agent, has been around for years. Corrosion Inhibitor types of corrosion inhibitors. Non-phosphorus corrosion inhibitor to strengthen environmental protection.
       Let us make efforts to improve the environment, so this market forward. A high-quality product is a service, good service everyone will be satisfied, in order to promote industrial progress, we are the only produce a good product. The implementation of standards in accordance with Corrosion Inhibitor Corrosion inhibitor is added in an amount, it will play a very good effect, but in this one should pay attention to the following surveying inhibitor must pay attention to.
       In the process of re-use is a major change in the effect of water quality, if salt water very much, this is to let the action slows down, so you can control the salt content in the water to improve the high-hardness water Corrosion Inhibitor role of strength. Temperature is also one of the reasons reagent, for decreasing the viscosity, of the increase in temperature can be a little. Reverse osmosis unit, there will be a concentration is not the same, this will change the whole system work. Since the refinery is one of scale by generating more places, corrosion and scale inhibitor refinery plant in the severe accumulation of dirt quickly cleared.


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