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Corrosion and scale inhibitors can extend the life of the equipment

2015-12-17 21:04:31

        As a corrosion inhibitor manufacturers of our products can prevent fouling and corrosion phenomena appear successful to reduce water hardness, which can help extend the useful life of equipment, the premise is to ensure correct use.
        As we scale and corrosion inhibitor manufacturers to remind you: in circulating water use, according to a certain ratio to operate, so adding the appropriate water treatment agent can be placed. But beware of sewage treatment in a timely manner, usually every hour the sewage processing, control time in about 10 seconds, if a lot of dirt appear, dosage should be increased, will accelerate the use of frequency, using about half You can stop equipment operation, the use of artificial dirt off, to prevent clogging of the pipeline phenomenon, affecting the normal operation of the equipment. Note that water treatment agent should use plastic water tanks, pools embalmed to do otherwise would be corrosion agent, so the hardness increases.


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