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The new scale inhibitors have a good bactericidal effect

2015-12-11 20:38:32

       The new scale inhibitors have a good bactericidal effect, our understanding of the scale inhibitor is its unique ion for the formation of scale can play water dispersion inhibition, scale inhibitor introduced chlorine atoms in the molecular structure of phenol, making resistance detergents has a good bactericidal effect, as well as a good deodorant degreasing effect, our main content today is for everyone to explain the application of the principles ANTISCALANT:
        The main effect of inhibitor is to prevent fouling, but the domestic market is highly competitive, inhibitor manufacturers to respond to the needs of users are in the research and development of a variety of features as one of the new water treatment product, has bactericidal barrier detergents products is worthy of our attention, in fact, the reason is very simple, we kill the algae, fungi through biological principles in order to achieve the elimination of the circulating water system, bacteria and algae problem is very common, need Efficient sterilization processing, due to the molecular structure of phenol introduced chlorine atom, its sterilization ability is improved, the compound is not easy to break down bacteria and algae, aquatic organisms and mammals have damage, so contamination issues must attract enough attention. Compatible with most water quality stabilizer and water treatment agent chemicals, scale inhibitors can be in a wide range of PH value use, and small fish such as toxicity, readily biodegradable, less environmental pollution, etc. . A wide range of applications in which a quaternary ammonium salt and typical.
      Inhibitor in oxygenated water flow while enabling a closed channel, played the role of aeration and agitation. Both to improve product quality, and reducing costs, but also greatly extend product shelf life, and water recycling and water usage continues occasion.


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