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Forty thousand environmental protection enterprises to go from here?

2015-12-08 21:26:12

"Currently there are 40,000 large and small environmental companies, the future market does not need so much, you may only need 500 to 1000 outstanding companies." E20 platform environment chief partner Fu Tao said recently that the next 5 to 10 , the environmental protection industry will usher in profound industrial reconstruction period. His company has officially register a new three-panel, environmental protection industry has become the first unit depth platform.
For deep remodeling industry, on the one hand to open up new areas included, on the other hand it is industry mergers and acquisitions. He said that the environmental protection industry is currently very serious industrial mismatch. There are a lot of vicious competition in the business model mature field, and in large areas of demand but not mature, enterprises are a lot of vacancy. Prospects for future development where every competitive enterprises must consider.
In this regard, Sander Group Chairman Wen Yibo also very much agree with: "Now we are in something that looks relatively large space for development, but in fact a relatively narrow field of competition, even vicious competition we play in life and death, a lot. people think the industry is so. And I think the environmental protection industry is large enough, there is enough for everyone to do things, there is also a lot of blue ocean industry worth to try. I think the industry's leading companies, and now the big companies, should set an example. "
According to him, Sander layout two Internet sanitation infrastructure has been initially formed last year income of 80 million yuan, more than 400 million yuan this year, next year is expected to reach 15 to 20 billion. "I think we found a blue ocean environmental protection industry. Similar segments are still many areas of environmental protection, such as industrial areas. With the strengthening of environmental regulation, real excellent technology, products and services, as well as the vast space."
The past two years, the environmental protection industry giants increasingly rapid pace of expansion, if only large enterprises living space in the future?
In this regard, Fu Tao said, for now, it has formed various environmental segments of competitive enterprises, should be seen as a very valuable industry resources, and even has the real estate properties, is cross-border pedal, is the integration of object. "As long as you are the best, it will be recognized capital market."


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