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Sewage treatment industry trends

2015-12-05 20:33:40

April 19, 2012, the State Council issued (('' second five "national urban sewage treatment and recycling facilities construction plan" (SCS [2012) 24). Planning, pointed out that "five" period urban planning within the scope of the national scale of new sewage treatment 4,569 million cu m / day in which cities officially 2,608 million cu m / day, the county 1,006 million cu m / day, towns 9,550,000 m3 / day; Eastern Region 1,898 million cu m / day, the central region of 1,477 million cu m / day, 1,194 ten thousand cubic meters of the old western region. After the completion, all cities have sewage treatment plants were built, every county has a sewage treatment capacity, the provinces (autonomous regions, City) sewage treatment rate reached planning to determine the objectives, to enhance the national sewerage services.

April 2, 2015, the State Council promulgated the "Water Pollution Prevention Plan of Action" (Guo Fa [2015) on the 17th). Program notes that "speed up the construction of urban sewage treatment facilities and reconstruction existing urban sewage treatment facilities, to transform local conditions, to achieve the appropriate emission standards or recycling requirements before the end of 2020. Sensitive area (emphasis lakes, focusing on reservoirs, coastal waters sinks water area) urban sewage treatment facilities shall, before the end of 2017 to achieve a comprehensive level A emissions standard. built-up area of ​​water quality of surface water can not reach the standard IV class city, the new urban sewage treatment facilities to perform an A emission standards. By Country new town planning requirements, by 2020, all the country's counties and key towns have wastewater collection and treatment capacity, county, urban sewage treatment rate reached 85%, respectively, about 95%. Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other areas ahead of a completed. "

Meanwhile, with the continuous development of sewage treatment industry, the state of urban sewage treatment plant emission standards becoming more stringent, according to the country but also the strict implementation of the new standards, the discharge standards for wastewater treatment technology to enhance the proposed higher requirements.

"" Second five "national urban sewage treatment and recycling facilities construction plan" (SCS [201 quotes 24) made on the part of the construction of sewage treatment facilities have been upgraded to further enhance the ability of major pollutants reduction. Lack of phosphorus and nitrogen removal function vigorously transformation, do not have the biological treatment capacity of sewage treatment plants, focusing on the transformation of domestic waste and developed areas, key watersheds and water sources and other important areas of sensitive water sewage treatment plant.

"Twelve Five" period, the urban upgrade within the scope of the transformation of the National Planning 2,611 ten thousand cubic meters of sewage treatment capacity of the old. Among them, the cities officially 2,038 ten thousand cubic meters of the old, old town 5.27 million cubic meters, 460,000 cubic meters of the old towns; 7.94 million cubic meters of the old eastern region, the central region of 1,318 ten thousand cubic meters of the old, old western region 4.99 million cubic meters.
This trend led to the development of water treatment agent industry.


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